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Every once in a while, I crave a woman. I mean, it’s well known how much I love cock, how a thick shaft can fill my throat or ass, and cover me in hot, sticky cum. Famous, even. The sight of a hard-on makes my lips part…But that said, almost all of my clients are male. And sometimes I just really want the feminine softness I’m usually the one to embody, the softness over muscle on creamy thigh and belly, the pendulous weight of breasts cupped in hands, a curvy ass that fits into the hollow of my hips as I thrust. Even that feminine aspect I don’t have myself – the sweetspicy taste of pussy, its molten velvety feel…

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Read more from “MILF Next Door” in Amber Topping: Professional Trollop

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Check out my e-book! Amber is a total cumslut ;). Hardcopy available soon if you don't have an e-reader!

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nancy pelosi, professional baller

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It's been a while since I posted, but I just read my friend's new book, and it's so sexy and funny I had to share :). Check out Amber Topping: Professional Trollop!

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